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Crockett Creek
Jerky City Products
Crockett Creek is the first line we brought in...
and we could not have chosen any better.  
Perfected with love, made with family, and shared with friends, their "homemade" beef jerky is full of flavor. With all natural ingredients, and a variety of seasonings and marinades, each flavor is unique, special, fresh and flavorful. You can smell the Smoky Mountains in each package, and every bite will remind you of home.
Each flavorful bite has a great "chew" as you would expect from jerky, but not so hard as to pull your teeth out.

Selections include:

Bayou Boil
Blazin Cajun
Honey Jalapeno
Ol Smoky
Roast Beef
Sweet & Spicy

Buffalo Original
Venison Original
Elk Original

49 varieties of jerky to choose from!  More to come in 2020.  
Currently Jerky City does not have a stand-alone location, but is available at all Vaper's Alley locations.
Jerky in a vape shop?  

Well, why not?  We wanted to continue our mission of offering products that promote a healthier lifestyle....
and what better than JERKY?  

Jerky is high in protein and low in saturated fats.
Jerky.com has some really unique and flavorful selections that you would not normally find.​ Jerky.com has the widest selection of Jerky products anywhere! With jerky types from beef jerky and turkey jerky to exotic and exclusive jerky like alligator, kangaroo and even bacon...you are sure to find the jerky you love. They just released and WE stock a line of fish jerky. We are confident that it's the best fish jerky on the market! Jerky.com features only the best jerky products available such as the Jerky.com brand of Gourmet Jerky and Bricktown Jerky. If you don't find the products you want here, you better quit looking!

Gourmet Selections Include:

Alligator Jerky
Bacon Jerky (6 flavors available)
Chicken Jerky (Buffalo Wing)
Chicken Jerky (Jamaican Jerk)
Ahi Tuna Fish Jerky
Rainbow Trout Fish Jerky
Salmon Fish Jerky
Kangaroo Jerky
Pork Jerky
Turkey Jerky Original
Turkey Jerky Peppered
Wild Boar Jerky

Bricktown Jerky Selection (Soft & Tender Beef):

Citrus Fusion
Tequila Lime
Pale Ale Beer

B.U.L.K. Jerky
Oh my....have you ever had jerky made with beef brisket?

The best way we can describe it, is that it melts in your mouth like cotton candy!

Flavorful and soft makes this the ultimate selection for your jerky desires. 
 IF you have not tried it before, you are truly missing out!!

B.U.L.K. Selections include:

Sweet & Spicy

Old Trapper
And.....to round out our selections, you have to have a trusted favorite!

Old Trapper offers a moist, tender beef jerky with a medium "chew" and tons of flavor.

Old Trapper Selections include:

Original "Old Fashioned"
Hot & Spicy

Available in personal and "shareable" sizes.

Jerky City at Vaper's Alley
.....where you can find all your carniverous jerky desires in one place!!!